Buying vs. Leasing

Buying vs. Leasing

Are you getting ready to choose a new car? You might be weighing the pros and cons of buying vs. leasing. Either choice can help you get the keys to a sleek, efficient model to take around Auburn, Worcester, or Southbridge, MA.

We at Ira Ford Auburn are happy to assist with this important decision. Browse our extensive stock and come meet with one of our finance experts to make the right choice. Learn more today!

Benefits of Buying a Car

Buying vs. LeasingBuying a car makes the machine yours to own for many miles and many years down the line. From starting a family to giving the kids the keys when they’re old enough, you’ll get to pass the vehicle on to the next generation and get your full money’s worth out of this purchase.

If at any point you decide the model no longer works for your driving needs, you can sell it or trade it in. Now, you’ll have extra money to use toward a new vehicle that better suits your lifestyle.

Speaking of style, buying a car gives you more freedom to customize it with cool paint colors or a more robust set of tires. You get to decide what the vehicle looks like and don’t have to worry about exterior dents or interior messes—a nice perk as you transport the kids through town and eventually teach them how to drive.

Benefits of Leasing a Car

Leasing also has its own set of benefits. You’ll drive the car for a few years rather than indefinitely, which means you won’t be tied down to one make and model. Rather, you’ll have the chance to move on to a more advanced version with extra upgrades you’ve always wanted to try.

When the lease ends and you have your next model in mind, you’ll stop by the dealership and make the exchange. Leasing a car means you don’t have to trade it in or find someone to buy the car, making the process more seamless.

Yet another lease benefit is the warranty coverage. The short-term nature of the lease means the vehicle is typically covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty. This brings added comfort should a maintenance issue arise, as you can stop by our service center and have it repaired.

Our Ford Finance Center

Buying vs. LeasingOur Ford finance center team will go over these buying and leasing benefits in depth when you stop by. They’ll work with you to discover which option best suits your current needs and driving goals.

If you’d like to get things started from home, we offer an array of online tools. The first is our finance application, which can be used for both loans and leases. Fill it out to see if you’ve been preapproved and start scanning through possible plans.

Drivers with a current car to trade in will get to use that value toward your new loan or lease. Access our online trade-in form to get an estimated appraisal. Then, we’ll give one final valuation in person and update your plan amount.

Buy or Lease a Vehicle Today!

Now that you’ve read more about buying vs. leasing, does one option seem to make more sense for your driving needs? If so, we’ll get you set up with the right plan and vehicle to take even more trips around Auburn, Worcester, or Southbridge, Massachusetts.

Stop by the finance department at Ira Ford Auburn or fill out the finance application to get started today. Reach out to our team if you have any questions!


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