Oil Change near Me

Oil Change near Me

As oil courses through your car’s engine, it helps keep it cool, clean, and lubricated. It’s one of the most important fluids in your Ford, which makes it important to find a service center you can rely on when you need an oil change near Auburn, Worcester, and Southbridge, MA.

The team of technicians at Ira Ford Auburn knows all the ins and outs of oil changes. They’ve helped us create these resources so that you can be more prepared for your next replacement.

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Am I Due for a Ford Oil Change?

Your oil will need to be changed every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. The specific number could vary based on your driving habits and environmental conditions. The following factors will impact the longevity of your oil:

  • Frequent towing
  • Extreme heat and cold
  • Dusty and dirty conditions
  • Frequent short trips

Newer Ford models come equipped with an Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor® System, so you’ll always know when you’re due for a change regardless of the conditions. It’ll alert you when your oil life is at 5%, so schedule a service appointment as soon as possible. It will also alert you if it’s been over a year since your last replacement.

Additionally, it’s important to keep an eye and an ear out for some early warning signs that you could be due for an oil change. One of the most obvious is a loud engine knocking. It’s good to check your oil regularly, too. If it’s dark or dirty, schedule a replacement.

Oil Change

Oil Change at Our Service Center

We know how busy your schedule is. That’s why our technicians work to finish each oil change in about 30 to 45 minutes. It’s a fairly simple process that involves emptying the current oil and replacing your filter before refilling your system with product that meets its specific needs.

At every oil change, our technicians can rotate your tires to help ensure even treadwear. They’ll also perform a multi-point inspection that includes checking:

  • Fluid levels
  • Braking system
  • Exhaust system and heat shields
  • Steering and suspension

Plus, you can explore our list of service and parts specials online. There could be one available that’ll help add even more value to your next maintenance visit.

Where Can I Get an Oil Change Nearby?

Now that you know where to go for an oil change near Auburn, Worcester, and Southbridge, Massachusetts, you’ll have more confidence the next time you’re due for a replacement.

Schedule a service appointment at Ira Ford Auburn today!

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